1. I was born in 1993 near madurai, Tamilnadu
  2. i am now in Coimbatore. Chennai
  3. So called Electronics and Communication Engineer
  4. I didn’t want to end up as a software engineer. But i am afraid i will soon. now in IT industry. Oh the Irony :-/
  5. Learnt a handful of life lessons through engineering, but not the real engineering
  6. some wellwishers, few close friends,  3 elder sisters and a never gave up mom
  7. I love it when someone call me SP
  8. I breath internet. and i am afraid slow internet would kill me some day.
  9. I daydream about what wont happen as well as what i wish to happen every single minute
  10. I am perfectly Imperfect. I can never be perfect. NEVER
  11. I love music and i admire EMinem.
  12. I am soooooo lazy that i even skip meals because of laziness.
  13. I rarely take photos of mine. The picture in this site was taken a year ago
  14. I started reading books during 5th semester holidays. That would be my only good habit
  15. A great fan of Dan Brown, and HP books.
  16. Snape is my favorite fictional character. ALWAYS.
  17. And Bruce wayne, Joker, Alfred, Sirius black, Remus Lupin, Dumbledore, Robert Langdon too. 😉
  18. I dont smoke or booze.
  19. Not a Vegan
  20. I love biriyani and butter chicken!
  21. I get bored easily
  22. I am not good at socializing with people.
  23. I prefer solitude
  24. I hate when someone shouts while i sleep.
  25. I overthink about almost everything
  26. Not a day goes by without googling
  27. I ponder over others’ quotes and try to rewrite them in a different version
  28. I sometimes write my own crispy 2 line quotes that can describe my life perfect
  29. Always want to write a self help book
  30. Now i want to write a survival guide Book for those who join engineering with dreams
  31. I suck at English. You will find at least 5 mistakes in this page.But I am learning.
  32. I hate when people add adjectives or adverbs to their social profiles. I fucking hate this word “Awesome”
  33. I wont wish you happy birthday if Facebook reminds me instead of my brain. Sorry 😛
  34. i hate when people tag me to good morning quotes and wishes and emotional heartbroken pictures.
  35. I never thought i would start a site or even becoming of a writer
  36. when i was frustrated with engineering, i wrote an article  “the so called engineering” at www.jammag.com. This changed something
  37. JAM gave a start to me. They published more than 15 of my articles. I owe not just one to JAM and Yatin Bansal
  38. I wish to start a Youth magazine like JAM someday. Not for profit or advertisements.
  39. I started a free blog using wordpress writing about random things
  40. Since i use internet and facebook a lot, I decided to exploit it.
  41. So I bought this domain name www.bestofinternet.in on September 23 2014 and hosting on september 25 with the money earned from JAM Magazine.
  42. Though this site is cluttered at this moment, i will organize it day by day.
  43. Some call me shy. Some call me bored. Some call me rude. Some call me interesting. some call me smart. Few admire me. some hate me.
  44. I am always a mystery even to me. Highly unstable
  45. yeah i am weird
  46. But once i find something interesting in you, i will irritate you in facebook and whatsapp by sharing information relevant to both of our interest.
  47. Especially if we have mutual favorite books
  48. It is always harder for me to explain what i think to others. i.e making others to stand in my shoes
  49. Once i find that how, that day would be the start of first page of my self help book 😀


You can me find me on @Manikandan.S.P facebook Twitter LinkedIn. You can always irritate me via whatsapp 919942094260