You might have heard this word #NetNetrality before. But do you care to know the meaning of it. Especially if you are an Indian?

Let me start with the Internet that was 5 6 years ago. People rarely used it. There were no facebook, no whatsapp, Not much Gmail. We used internet only in Netcafe’s. Just one of two hours. Now that Smartphones have penetrated in our life so much, we keep touch with our friends using facebook than letters. We communicate instantly with our closed ones using Whatsapp than through phone calls. We use Google for getting information than Libraries. We often use mails from professional use to buying things online. Networks like Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone etc hiked the cost of Internet packs. But we never cared. We still use a lot of internet. Then came Internet calling. Yes even in whatsapp.

These networks have realized they are in danger. All their profits from SMSes and Calls are going to be ruined because of this Free stuff. Now they got a plan and they are going to screw us. How? Go ahead and Read.

Now these telecom companies are going to charge us more. No not like the usual method. This is different and cruel.

What these Networks are Going to do??

For example., Facebook  in association with Reliance started this scheme called where countries like India can access some 30+ sites for free if you are using a Reliance SIM card. But You might ask what is wrong with that?

You can use ‘Facebook’ for Free. But you have to pay to use ‘Twitter’

You can use ‘Bing search Engine’ for free. But you have to pay to use ‘google search engine’.

You can use ‘ Babajobs’ for free. But you have to pay to use ‘ or’

You get the point?

I will make it simple. We use electricity. We pay for the amount of electricity we use. But what if someday some private Electricity Board charges you extra for using a certain brand of TV say SONY. Isn’t that ridiculous? The cost we pay should only depend on the amount we use it right?

We are the customers so we should have the freedom in choosing what site we use. That is Netneutrality. I emphasize the word Neutral here.

Think about the future. For example If this is implemented, Airtel might introduce its own chat app like whatsapp for free to use and make you pay for whatsapp.  Airtel has already bought a video sharing app ‘Wynk’ to compete Youtube.  Now Airtel wants rights to give free access to Wynk but we have to pay to use Youtube.

You may see this soon

we need net neutrality

How these Networks are going to do this?

All these telecom networks have requested TRAI by submitting a paper to break NetNeutrality in India. Damn. OMG how are we going to use internet if they approve it?

What can you do?

Two methods

  1. Visit this site org and sign this petition. It won’t take more than 10 minutes.
  2. Write a mail to TRAI saying that we need Netneutrality.

This is the mail id ‘

Try to write a mail like this. Don’t copy paste. Add some words if you can. Because TRAI may think it is a spam. Are you lazy to draft a mail on your own? Please write or you may have to pay for using Gmail in future. God knows. It is your Internet. Your Right. So please send a mail.


Dear TRAI, I am writing to express my concern against the actions that telecom carriers are taking to restrict fair access to the internet (Net Neutrality). I believe the internet is a vital resource – it helps me communicate, work, and thrive as a citizen. If telecom operators can discriminate internet traffic on the basis of which services pay the most, we are allowing telcos control over a vital and necessary technological resource. By doing so we allow them to define what information we can view; what entertainment we can access; and how companies can innovate.

This is completely unfair and harms India’s long term role in the global market. I strongly believe the growth of telecoms and the well-being of the internet can go hand-in-hand. I’m asking for a framework to ensure long term and fair access for all services regardless of size. I want my generation and those that come after me to have unfettered access to the Internet, with no telcos or ISPs having the ability to charge for specific services I use on top of it. Please understand that the internet is an important resource and vital to me and to every other Indian citizen. I would like to see it kept free and protected under Net Neutrality to ensure fair and equal access for all and forever. Regards, {Your Name}


  1. Share this information as much as you can. Use all the social media and whatsapp. Tweet TRAI with the hashtag #Netneutrality . Post on TRAI’s facebook page. DO whatthefuckever you can to let them know you support Netneutrality.

Source: @MaheshMurthy


Thanks for Reading