Who do you think is the most powerful person in the world? Obama? Probably. Maybe because he controls World’s greatest military force and president of the world’s most potential nation. Be it good or bad. It is enough potent to do anything. But as a private entity what/who can be the most powerful in the world. To me, it is Google. Google, owned by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. WHY?

We (almost all of us) rely on Google to search almost anything(sometimes stuff that we are embarrassed to ask others). We use google maps to help us navigate. We check in at various places. We review restaurants. We watch youtube. We use Gmail for our personal and professional communication. And What not? Most of the service we use belong to the Giant Google. It records all of our data for their own purposes. Don’t tell me you use Iphone and your data is secure. Every Question you ask SIRI gets stored in Apple’s Database.

Ever wondered what are the data that gets stored in Google. Here’s how you can know.

First log in to your Google account. and go to this link. This is called Web and App Activity . Or you can simply say as ‘HISTORY’. Here all the searches you perform in your Web as well as app are stored. The places we go, our voice searches and commands, the videos we search and watch. Everything.

Web & App Activity


Back then, the interface was different. i.e when i planned to write a post about this. But once they changed their logo, they changed the entire interface. In this page, we can see the terms we searched on the given date. The above screenshot is an example.

In the below link, we can setup which data can be stored! The right corner of each activity.

Activity controls

Activity Controls - Account Settings

From the settings, we can delete as well as download the entire searches we have made everyday.

Web & App Activity delete and download

Google Ad settings

  • This is not all. There are other details that google stores about you because it is easy for it to display ads in front of you. check the below link to know what kind of ads are served to your and what kind of ads you can prefer. Sorry! Ads cannot be controlled. Either you receive interest based or not interest based. You can use AD Blocker for that.

Google Ad settings

Location History

The entire location history. The places you visited when you get the help from your android smartphone.

Location History

Apps that access google data:

There are certain apps and extensions that access google data to perform their functions. To see what apps access such data see, what kind of permission you have given them and to revoke that access too.

App permissions

Google Dashboard

This is the one place where you can see all the google services you are using and their overview. Like how many contacts are stored in your mail. how many threads are there your gmail. The android devices connected to your account. The applications you have installed so far in your android mobile.

Google dashboard

Dashboard - Account Settings

This is just my account screenshot. The actual list is very long depending on the services you use.

This is not an exhaustive list. Google may store your data apart from these open services. But you have to take of what you can take care of.

If you are smart enough, you will know that you cannot delete your digital footprints. See below 😉

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