A place where we hate what people do, but we still visit it daily.

Yes i am talking about facebook. Ever noticed how much you and your life has changed after the inception of facebook? Now spend two mins in reading this article about how facebook has changed and affected your life and think about it.


faecbook sadness

Once upon a time people used to share their feelings and emotions in their personal diary. Now that we are too lazy to even write a single page, we use facebook to advertise our feelings and sometimes problems too. As people are much interested in others problems, such posts get a lot of attention that usual posts. But it has reduced much now than it was before.



Pretending to sad disturbs few people. So they started to pretend that they are very much happy and excited all the day and time. Feeling happiee….yeeeyyy. Feeling excited yeeyyy.. Partyy with friends yeyy. Yeah this is what people do these days like they have all the happiness and bliss in their life. This surely affects us. Seeing others happiness, we sometimes start to feel jealous about it. You may not realize that directly.   Now we crave for happiness by seeing their posts as if  we don’t have ways to find our own ways of happiness.

Last seen:


Facebook had created problems within best friends and relationships even before #Whatsapp. Yes they started this ‘last seen’ in their messages. What would you think when your best friend or crush didn’t respond to your text even after seeing it? That feel?? 😮

Birthdays Reminders:


Am i the only one who hates this birthday reminders from facebook? I really hate this crap. Gone are the days when remembering friends’ birthday and wishing them in the midnight than the others. There really was an excitement and some satisfaction when that friend thinks that you have never forgotten his or her birthday. But wait. What now?? All those 500 friends of your bestie wish him or her in their facebook wall and your wish is one of them making no difference. That was why i have hidden my birthday date in my facebook profile. Just change your birthday date and see how many friends really remember your birthday date 😉

Trust me. Deactivate your facebook account for a week and monitor your thoughts. You will feel the change. Wait before deactivating your account why not share this post with your facebook friends 😛

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