facebook virus

Spammers had been using our mail ids for sending malicious links in older days. They still do. Now that Google has enhanced its spam prevention techniques, spammers are now heading towards Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which people use everyday than their mail inboxes. Though Facebook has been taking measures in preventing spam in our profiles, virus links would crop up in our inbox now and then. I am going to explain some basic counter measures in case your Facebook account gets attacked.

How to prevent?

Facebook Inbox: Never click on any links in your Facebook if you receive any message from an unknown profile. They usually start with describing a porn video in a link or catch those stalkers and ex-boyfriends in the act!or some bizarre video that challenge ‘you won’t believe‘ to watch it. Never click the link even if it is from your friend’s profile. They wont send it deliberately. But automated messages will roll out from your friend’s profile if his profile gets attacked even without his/her knowledge.

What if i am already under attack?

  1. Go to your Facebook settings and change your password
  2. Go to settings and privacy and check for the apps which you have recently installed and integrated with your facebook account. Check the application list for any suspicious apps other than you have given permission. Unlink or Remove such apps from your profile if you find any.
  3.   we actullay worry about our credibility in our facebook than the virus attack. what if someone might have recieved a porn link from you account???? Just write a status update that says your account has been attacked and warn them not to click any link if they receive an unusual message from you. check their facebook wall in case your virus posted any link and alert them.

What if i cant login?

If you are experiencing difficulties in logging into your facebook account then you surely are under an attack

Go to your browser settings and delete all the data such as history, cache and cookies and restart the browser.  No log in to your account and change the password right away.Voila! You are done.

Always follow the last step whenever you suspect spam activity in your account.