Yes. You can make calls for free even without an internet connection from Nokia 1100 to apple iPhone through this service called FreeKall a cloud based telephony by Bangalore students, India. Yashas C Shekar just a 23 year old student co founded this telephony startup  withi his college friends VIjayakumar Umaluti and Sandesh Eshwarappa. The catch is you have to listen to advertisements before talking to the other side. as of now you can call free for 3 minutes and this will be increased based on the user base and advertisers. The company would also soon occupy the smartphone market so that calls could be made easily in very few steps.



This is one of the most innovative yet cost effective idea both for users and advertisers in this digital era. With offline advertising struggling to find its place in online advertising,the advertisers can advertise through FreeKall with less money. I,e advertising campaigns can be done with a minimum cost of RS.1000. Ranjith Cherickel has seeded this start up with a capital of RS. 10 lakhs. This idea can definitely cover people where other internet call services such as VIber and skype are trying to cover.


New users who wish to register can register by visiting or by sending an SMS in this formatREG<SPACE>AGE<SPACE>GENDER<SPACE>PINCODE to 8082812345 eg: REG 21 M 577203

Image source: Freekall