The Internet Giant Google has planned to partner with Indian Railways to provide Free Wifi feature across 400 Indian Railway Stations.


This initiative will be called as ‘Project Nilgiri‘. It will be implemented with the help of Google’s Ultra High Speed Technology named ‘Google Fiber‘. As of now Google fiber is available in USA providing highspeed(I mean really really high) Internet.


For this Project Nilgiri, Google in association with a PSU named RailTel Corporation of India. This PSU has  Fiber optic network that runs along the railway tracks in regions of India.


When the project is completed, any user can access the free WiFI for first 30 minutes with high speed and then the speed of the internet drops. For this, the user should verify his mobile number through OTP.


The entire project is divided into two phases.

  • The first phase involves setting up WiFi hotspots in Railway stations. This is expected to be done in four months from now.
  • The second Phase involves Expansion. Wifi connectivity  in Moving trains which may take any time.

As of now, Fast passenger trains like Rajdhani has this feature. i.e Internet in moving trains using satellite communication Technology.

If this is implemented, it would be of much use to the commuters. Once i i tried to book a return ticket while i was traveling. Due to the unstable coverage, i couldn’t receive OTP and reach the payment confirmation page. So i had to ask someone else in home to book the same. 30 minutes more than enough for any important Internet based Work.

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