Unlike other electronics companies such as HTC or Samsung that uses a specific term to denote the versions and upgrades on their products, Apple always have a different method of naming its products especially i in iPhone, iMac, iPod,iPad and S in iPhones. This post is to explain the meaning behind such letters and names

Meanings hidden in Apple phones

The Letter i :

The letter i was introduced in Apple PC iMac which was launched in 1998. During the launch Steve Jobs explained that the letter i denotes Internet. The name made it clear that it was designed for the internet.

iPhone 2007:

2007iphone introduced in


Apple entered into Smartphone Industry by launching iPhone in 2007. As it was the first version, there were no additional letters or extra meaning with the name

iPhone 3G 2008:


iPhone’s first version lacked high speed Internet. So iPhone 3G was launched in 2008. As the name says it was equipped with 3G.

iPhone 3GS 2009:


Apple focused on the speed of the processor this time. They launched iPhone 3GS with high speed processors. Phil Schiller had also said that during the launch. Hence S in iPhone 3GS stands for SPEED

iPhone 4:

iphone 4

Updated hardware of 3GS launched in 2010 with the name iPhone4 and not as iPhone 4G because 4G had not been around that time.

iPhone 4S:


As usual, apple launched the new version iPhone 4 as iPhone 4S in 2011 with a very famous feature named SIRI, a voice personal assistant that answers almost all of your questions. It was promoted with ads that show Siri . Hence S in iPhone 4S denotes Siri

iPhone 5C:

iphone 5c

iPhone 5c was launched in 2013 the successor of iPhone 5. The major difference from other apple iPhones is that it was available in 4 different colors. Rumor was that C denotes Cheap. Err. No Apple product  is Cheap. Here C in iPhone 5C denotes COLOR

iPhone 5S:



iPhone 5S was launched at the same time. The very important aspect of iPhone 5S was Finger Print Scanning. Hence S in iPhone 5 denotes SECURITY.


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