NOKIA 1100 is  a basic mobile GSM phone manufactured by NOKIA which was launched in the end of 2003.  According to Engadget it is the best selling consumer electronics decive in the world selling 200 million pieces of items

It also became the One billionth mobile phone sold by NOKIA. The model was later discontinued after people preferred phones with more features such as Camera and colour screen. But this Nokia 1100 is once again going to rock the market.Nokia even claimed that the Nokia 1100 was “the world’s most popular phone.”The Nokia 1100 was launched late in 2003 and is one of the company’s biggest milestones as it’s owned by around 250 million people worldwide, according to the company.

What it would be if the same NOKIA 1100 came up with Android?
NOKIA 1100 was spotted running Android 5.0 Lollipop and powered by a quad-core MediaTek (MT6582) processor with 512MB of RAM. Apart from the Android version, processor, and memory, there are no details about other specifications.
We could expect NOKIA 1100 with 5.0 to release later this year
nokia-1100-benchmark people these days use this mobile as secondary phone along with their smartphones for just texting and calling purposes alone.



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