Prevent companies from using your profile for Facebook advertisements

I dont remember when this started but have ever noticed that certain types of ads appear in the top of your newsfeed just because some of your friends like that post or page. Of course just like every other site, we never tend to read neither the terms and conditions nor the privacy options which are under our control and which are not. Below is an example of what is said before.

An example from my newsfeed

An example from my newsfeed

Prasad Pisal is a guy in my facebook friends list

Why it is essential to prevent such brands from using you?

If your name appears saying Mr.XYX likes ‘Eminem’ or ‘Game Of Thrones’ Or HarryPotter, thats another story. We all like Music, Books, Artists. But when an ad says ‘Mr.XYZ likes……….say a Particular brand.. Eg Uber or Ola Cabs. Its like i am endorsing that brand to all of my friends and its very bad.

So how do i prevent it?

Unlike certain opt in settings, facebook doesn’t provide an option to opt out of these things. But the only way we can prevent is by setting privacy in our likes Tab. Not all the categories. Just two. Refer the screenshots below.

1.Go to your About page and Scroll down to see the likes. Click on the ‘edit’ option in the right corner as shown below and select privacy option

facebook privacy settings menu

2. You will get a list of categories of likes and their edit options. Of those, select the options for ‘Interests’ and ‘Others’

privacy interests

others privacy

Change the privacy of those as ‘Only Me’

You can do the same for other categories too. E.g Clothing, if you don’t want anyone to see what page you like

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