Real wisdom is achieved only through experiences. But still we are following our ancestors in leading our life making same mistakes and learning from it. Use these psychological hacks that might save you some time, energy and stress.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing – Socrates

Maintaining a diary for the money spent:

Always write down the money you spend in a diary and check it every night or at least once in a week.Though  this is a very old method, it has a very powerful way of controlling you from spending excessive money. Trust me. It may not have the effect when you are a student. But once you started earning or getting money from your parents while searching for a job, you will realize its importance.

Rule of three:

when proposing an idea or while in arguing always state its advantage or benefit in 3 sentences. Our mind remembers anything that are represented in three. Because two seems very less and 4 seems too much. It is very much effcient when your are delivering soemthing important while speaking or in a presentation

Writing your thoughts:

NO not your personal diary about what you ate today or the movie you watched. you should write more thoughts rather than incidents. Our brain’ thinking capacity may be high but it cannot save all your THOUGHTS or IDEAS all the time. It is the best way to save your thoughts from getting buried under useless stuff. Writing means writing something using pen and paper. Not typing something in your smartphone or computer

First and last:

Humans have the tendency to remember the first and last things they see in a list. when preparing any list always write the important  points in the first and last place. If you are attending an interview , be the first candidate or the last candidate to face the interviewer.


Use name when addressing people. Even while texting. People would feel that you are giving importance to them and will develop some liking or respect on you. I felt it personally when people use my name or initials during conversation.


If you are learning something for new, teach it for someone right away who doesn’t know a thing about it. Eg. a kid. They will ask more questions about it that you. This will help you learn it more the way you can explain it a very simple way.

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