9 heart breaking images that will show you the real side of pollution

I know this is the second post which post consecutively about pollution. Its not that i am really interested in eradicating plastic. I never cared about plastic and environment at all. I used to simple stare the heaps in my city and forget it the very next minute. we are humans. It is easy for us to throw a plastic in road and almost easy for us to pick up the same plastic and drop it in dust bit. But i have never considered any other living organisms when it comes to pollution.

The following images really changed my mind on how i would see plastic from now on.  I assure you, this would impact at least a little when you see these images of animals that are living WITH pollution all through their lifetime.

1. A seal wounded by plastic living with it.

seal plastic wound

2. one of the impacts of Oil spills. You will see more of it if you google “Animals suffering from oil spills

bird oil spill

3. A bird killed by excessive intake of plastic stuff

Bird killed by intake of plastic

4. World’s most polluted island. Indonesia. Waves full of trash

Worlds most populated island in indonesia

5. A sea bird trapped in plastic bag

A sea bird trapped in a plastic bag

6. A tortoise trapped in plastic that hinders its growth

a tortoise trapped in a plastic

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7. Another similar example

a tortoise trapped in a plastic 2

8. Another sea bird affected by oil spill rescued.

A bird affected by oil spill

9. Penguins’ habitat full of oil spills.

Penguins's habitat oil spill

It wouldn’t take a minute for us to remove a plastic bag wrapped in an animal or bird. So its not a big deal for us. But they cant. It is really a big deal for them.

 Time to take recycling very seriously