In the recent years, especially since the inception of flipkart, we have started buying stuff online more. Almost everything. Gone are the days, when e-commerce sites are preferred only by younger generation. But now, buying costly gadgets and home furniture have become common. Thanks to Smartphones, Apps and yes Trust these sites build. This is going to be a short list of how you can save money when buying things online. No! I am not going to preach you about how one can lead a minimalistic and simple life.

1. Control Yourself  

Each and every product when launched are promoted after detailed research. Marketing is always about persuading the listener and converting him into a buyer. So a demand is always created (For eg Mi3 from Flipkart, One plus one from Amazon) The price is always high when a product is launched. They will tempt you with words in strange fonts like




It is trick to lure you to buy the product immediately. No matter how early you buy, there will always be an updated version in 3 to 6 months. They will reduce the cost of previos version to promote the current one.  I bought MOTO G2 few days after the launch for 13,000 INR. A friend of mine bought same mobile for 10,500INR after 2 months. So Be patient.

2. Cashback: 

This is just like the previous point. Every e-commerce site would have tied up with major banking companies to give cashbacks if they buy the product using their Debit and Credit cards. You can save up to 10% of the product. I saved 2000INR when i bought my laptop using HDFC card.  So prefer festival seasons to buy items.

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3. Comparison sites:

Sites such as Junglee, Mysmartprice, Buyhatke help us to compare the price of a certain product in various sites. Especially BuyHatke is my personal favourite. A chrome plugin is available for BuyHatke. After installing it, this extension shows the price graph for each and every product. Like at what cost the product was sold last week and last month. Below is an example. The price variation of Kindle Paperwhite.

Current Price of Kindle Paperwhite:

kindle actual price

Price of Kindle paperwhite when launched

kindle when launched

Price of kindle paperwhite a week after the launch

Kindle after launch

Price of Kindle Paperwhite last week.

KIndle now


BuyHatke Links: Chrome Extension, Android App, iOS App

4. Cashback Sites:

CashKaro is a site famous for cashbacks. Banks dont always provide cashback throughout the year. Sign up at Cashkaro. Search for a product. Find the  Retailer. (Eg Amazon, Flipkart). When  you buy a product after clicking the link from Cashkaro, the said cashback amount is added to your cashkaro account after 72 hours. You can request the transfer of amount to your bank account once your earnings reach a minimum of Rs.250. Don’t worry. You wont lose any money. Its not a scam. Cashkaro will get their % of commission from Retailers

Cashback sites

Don’t be loyal to a single company when buying online. When a product is not cheaper, prefer the other site.

§ After all, these companies run business and make money. we are consumers. Lets save some money §


Featured Image source : DailyMail