1. Joining Palms when greeting others

In Hindu Culture, we  join our hands to greet others as a sign of respect. But scientifically, when we join our hands to ‘namaskar’ the tips of our fingers of both hands touches each other. it denotes the pressure points of eyes, ears and mind. When pressing these points . it might help us in remembering the person we wish 😀

2. Wearing a Toe ring:

Women wear a toe ring ( i dont really know the exact English word for that :-p ). The nerve in second toe is connected to the uterus and passes to the heart. SO wearing it in that finger helps in strengthening of a woman’s uterus. Also menstrual cycle is regularized. And since silver is a very good conductor and posses very strong qualities of a conductor, it absorbs the polar energies and passes it to human body which is good for health.

3.Throwing  coins into the river

We throw coins into the river because they say it will bring good luck to us. But the actual reason is that coins in those period were made of copper. so by throwing copper in to the river our ancestor ensure that we intake sufficient amount of copper which is essential for our health

4. Applying tilak or vibuthi in our forehead

Tilak prevents the loss of energy and helps in retaining our energy in the human body. it also helps in concentration. Due to the application of tilak in mid brow region blood flow is facilitated.

5. Temples with bells

Ringing the bells helps us to focus our concentration on devotional purpose. when we ring a bell,  a sharp sound is produced that lasts for a minimum of 7 seconds through an echo. this activates the healing centers and chakras in human body

6.Applying henna in hand during wedding

wedding are often stressful and can cause severe headache as well as fever. Application of henna on bride’s hand would prevent the stress and keep her cool. It also helps in preventing the tension which is why henna is applied in palm where the nerves end

7. Why do women wear bangles

Wrist is constantly activated in a human body because of the pulse. The constant friction that arise while wearing bangles ensures good blood circulation. Due to the ring shaped bangles, as there are no ends all the energies are reverted back to human body.


UFFFFF. This is what i could collect from internet. Though there might have been real scientific reasons behind our Indian traditions, few facebook groups, pages and even blogs spread above fake pseudoscientific reasons behind our customs. BE aware. This is Just for fun 😛

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