1. Yes it was just a project with a sub domain developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 

1.google name backrub

 2. More than 160 companies including Motorola

2google acquiring

3. Because Its founders hadn’t known HTML at the time of developing it. So they made it simple

3google goal

4. Yes. And It is Absolutely FREE. Dint watch the movie Internship??

4google headoffice free snacks

5. Only Google Knows why

5google home no advertisng

6. Click to check elgoog

6google mirror elgoog

7. Feeling Proud?

7google highest paid empoyee nikesh arora

8. Google, The Great

8googler benefits after death

9.Meaning: Using the Google search engine to obtain information on something or somebody on the World Wide Web


9google added to dictionary

10. ADMIT IT!!!!

10googleinternet speed


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