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Babar ali was a 9 year old boy who lives in a very remote village of Murshidabad district in West Bengal in 2002. He had to travel 10 kms every day up and down from home to his school which is the only school in his village. One day while he was returning to his home from school he noticed the children of his age handling cattle or simply wasting their time in playing. The thought of “why not teach them what i learn? Occurred to him.

Guava tree

He managed to persuade few of the children about school (his younger sister was his first student and now she is teaching in that school) and learning and started teaching them under a guava tree. Days passed and the strength of his school(!) increased. As he couldn’t afford notes, pen, paper or black board, he created black board out of terracotta tiles, and took broken chalk pieces from his school.

a lady from his village voluntarily taken upon herself to ring the bell. She does is daily without fail

a lady from his village voluntarily taken upon herself to ring the bell. She does is daily without fail

In order to prevent students from dropping out of his school he had to offer sweets, toffees, decorating class with flowers and organizing and music competitions

For Books and Notes

“We still needed books, so I went to the parents and guardians of all my students and collected rice from them. I sold that and bought alphabet books for the students. When I was in class 6, the local ‘pradhan’ of my area recommended my application for books and supplies to the block development officer.

“Meanwhile, my teachers in school were happy that I was doing this. My father too came around and donated Rs 600 to my school. Of course, my mother had always supported me and she continued doing that in her own way.

“Finally, the school had a formal inauguration. I hired a mike for Rs 30, and we had a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by song and dance. I borrowed my mother’s sari to decorate the place. I also invited the local Panchayat members and village elders. A family friend of ours who was a principal of another school named my school Ananda Shiksha Niketan.” Says Babar Ali

How it spread

babar as headmaster

Due to the word of mouth publicity, the news reached Amartya sen who invited him when he was in 8th standard. He started receiving attentions from various officials in and around his village who helped him despite his age. There are now 300 students in his school


A new school:


So far 500 students have registered in his new school which is to be started in January 2015


Image and Info Source : Yourstory


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