Best Smartwatch in India

5 Best Smartwatch in India 2022

Fitness bands were born when groundbreaking technology joined hands with real-time fitness analysis. They started such a colossal rage a few years back. In no time, far better technical integrations and add ons gave rise to digital smartwatches, and there’s no stopping them. Those times had elapsed when watches were subject to only remembering the time.

The advancements of technology have made smartwatches take over the digital world. Just like the name suggests, the watches have become more thoughtful and better than before, all thanks to the fantastic AI tech. You can now look and monitor your breathing pace, heart rate, blood oxygen, stress levels, and other activities. 

Best Smartwatch in India 2022

With so many brand new models bombarded every month, customers tend to get a bit skeptical about buying the best smartwatch for their needs. It is difficult to comprehend the latest technical terminology. 

To make your smartwatch buying journey more convenient, here we have carefully curated the top five most effortless watches to get your hands on:

1. Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 is one of the best smartwatch in India to buy in 2022. Why choose: Probably the best smartwatch in the entire market. This time, bolder and better.

Apple Watch Series 7

Key specifications:

  • Display size: 46 mm
  • Display Type: AMOLED
  • Built: Aluminium
  • Water-resistant.
  • IP6X dust resistant stronger than ever before crystal front.
  • Battery life: Over 18 hours after a full 60-minute charge.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is an impeccable upgrade to the superior Apple smartwatch collection. The Series 7 model is hands down a unique watch. A premium aluminum casing throughout the dainty round-edged square dial adds aesthetic pleasure. The screen size is significantly improved, featuring a 20% bigger retina display with a 40% reduced bezel size.

Apple is known for introducing new pioneering technologies for the world to enjoy. This model is powered with a spO2 oxygen meter with almost 97% accuracy to calculate blood oxygen levels anytime. Did someone say ECG? Apple has left no stone unturned with a built-in ECG to monitor your heart activities. Sleep monitoring to achieve sound sleep using the Mindfulness app.


  • The most accurate tracking interface.
  • Sturdy display.
  • Smooth integration with the connected device.
  • Features a lot of valuable options, unlike other brands.


  • Most expensive model.
  • Works best within Apple ecosystems only. Pretty useless for Android users.
  • Lower battery life.

2. Xiaomi Watch Revolve

This Xiamoi Watch Revolve is best and affordable smartwatch in India. Why choose: Affordable, sleek, super user-friendly too.

Xiaomi Watch Revolve

Key specifications:

  • Display size: 1.39 inches.
  • Display Type: AMOLED.
  • Built: Steel frame with silicone straps.
  • In-built GPS.
  • Tracks 10 professional sport modes.
  • Weight: 35 gms.
  • Battery capacity: 420 mAh. It claims a 14-hour average power backup. Charging time approx 2 hrs.

The Mi revolve watch is one of the best budget buys, offering top-notch functions and a supremely sleek round dial. The super illuminative AMOLED display comprises 450 nits of brightness. The GPS tracking is very accurate, and the synchronization with Android or non-Android devices is effortless. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, this model comes with its very own Alexa control, too.

This model comes with the Firstbeat motion algorithm– A leading analytics engine to track fitness and wellness to get your sports sessions straight. The dial is available in many colors; however, the dial size is limited to only one. 


  • Premium watch design.
  • Over 110+ watch faces choosing from.
  • Lighter yet durable.
  • Custom routine and workout tracker.


  • No blood pressure monitoring.
  • Step detection is moderately accurate.
  • Lacks a blood oxygen monitor.

3. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

The Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle is the premium smartwatch you can buy in India as of 2022. Why choose: The most premium looking signature watch with speakers.

Key specifications:

  • Display size: 1.28 inches.
  • Built: Round steel dial and classic metal straps.
  • Built-in GPS and Google assistant.
  • Water resistance up to 30 meters depth.
  • Weight: 79 gms.
  • Battery capacity: 80% charge in one hour of the plugin.

When digital brands were in a rage, Fossil didn’t shy away from stepping into the smartwatch market; after all, they have been manufacturing watches since eternity. This not-so-light watch comes with a very vintage inspired design. With 8 GB of storage and 1 G RAM, you have the freedom to install many apps and services. The watch faces are customizable too. It provides all sorts of routine tracking that you could ever ask for.  

True BlueTooth connectivity till 4.2 LE edition provides smooth and quick connecting. The best part about this model is the presence of speakers, which allows taking phone calls. Unlike other smartwatches, this does not solely depend on vibrations; the audio alerts for all kinds of notifications, alarms, and reminders set this watch apart. The tracking modes are at par with more prominent brands in the mark. This Fossil watch also comes with efficient sleep and workout tracking.


  • The metallic steel frame gives it a rich feel.
  • Audible speakers with great phone speaker integration.
  • Swimproof.
  • Rapid charging.


  • Slightly on the expensive side.
  • Battery lasts hardly for a day.
  • Does not work smoothly with Apple devices. 

4. Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch

This Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch is one of the best Samsung smartwatch in India. Why choose: For a seamless smartwatch user experience.

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch

Key specifications:

  • Display size: 1.40 inches.
  • Display Type: Super AMOLED.
  • Built: Aluminium dial with silicone straps.
  • spO2 and body composition tracking.
  • Water resistance up to a range of 50 meters.
  • Tracks 39 modes 24X7.
  • Weight: 170 gms.
  • Battery life: Maximum 60 hours. Average 22 to 24 hours.

The Samsung Galaxy watches are indeed one of a kind. The latest addition of Galaxy Active Watch 2 has again created ripples in the market. Available in a wide variety of built materials, colors, and connectivity modes. The round dial is heavy, has an elegant finish, and the comfortable straps rest seamlessly on your wrist. This Samsung watch can compete with other brand flagships any day.

The watch model is powered with an invariable touch sensitive bezel to access quick controls. The customizable bands are great whenever you feel like twisting your watch look. The IP68 and 5ATM water and dust resistance rating will ensure you great support wherever you may go. Comes with continuous stress and four stages of sleep monitoring. The ample amount of storage capacity allows taking help of many handy apps.


  • High compatibility with Apple devices, just like Android.
  • Super accurate step count and heart rate.
  • A truly effective and massive battery life.
  • Smooth auto-detection.


  • An expensive buy.
  • Slow charging issues.
  • Challenging to pair with mobile if wireless BlueTooth earbuds are also connected.

5. Huawei Watch GT 2e Sport

This Huawei Watch GT 2e Sport watch is one of the best smartwatch in India. Why choose: The most robust sport-based smartwatch available. 

Huawei Watch GT 2e Sport

Key specifications:

  • Display size: 1.39 inches.
  • Display Type: AMOLED HD.
  • Built: Stainless steel frame with tough silicone-like straps.
  • Built-in altitude barometer and satellite positioning.
  • Allows tracking 85 custom workout modes. 15 professional modes too.
  • spO2 monitoring. 
  • 100+ watch faces and customizable bands available.
  • Weight: 44 gms.
  • Battery life: Can last beyond two weeks on a single overnight charge.

Huawei as a tech brand needs probably no introduction. The engineering that goes into their watch models is simply excellent. Power-packed with Kirin 1, Huawei’s self-developed wearable chip provides high performance and meagre power consumption. Even if other wireless devices are connected to your phone, the watch pairs effortlessly. Instant detections and smooth navigation make this a smart buy.

The 24X7 heart rate monitoring is pretty extensive. Its 4 GB RAM and ideal storage space allow you to store your favorite apps and long-lasting playlists with almost no worries. The watch display includes ALS ambient light monitoring for automatic screen brightening adjustments. It does it all from periodic tracking single or multiple heart rate recording.


  • Excellent battery life can last up to 10 days with daily use.
  • Accurate mode tracking reports.
  • Excellent touch sensitivity.
  • A mid-range yet helpful purchase.


  • Fragile display.
  • Few apps do not get installed from the app store.
  • Cannot accept incoming calls. You can only reject or silence them.

Parameters to consider while choosing your best smartwatch in India

The list of options is endless. Choosing the best option from the massive range of smartwatches available is challenging. Let us look at what should be considered, from the price, design, battery backup, and everything else.


These days, smartwatches have become affordable for the ordinary person too. They are starting from Rs. 2000 deals with fundamental and cheaper models, the range can go beyond Rs. 40,000 also for flagship models, depending on the brand, features included, durability, etc. 

Many models work well and still are not heavy on your pocket. Remember that higher cost is not an indicator of completely justified quality.


Smartwatches have become a great fitness partner with recent technology and health integration. They are best to be used for tracking your routine activities and keeping a watch on your calorie or step account. Pair it with reminders and alarms, and you are sorted.

Smartwatches are a great option if you do not like to be stuck to your phones all day. All your notifications, music browsing, making and receiving calls, easy phone maneuvering; can now be tackled through this tiny digital magic on your wrist.

Battery Life

Some of the smartwatches available there seem good from the outside and boast of the latest features available but cannot withstand more than a few hours. Also, smartwatches that claim to charge quickly also drain swiftly. This is yet another parameter to select the right watch for yourself.

The better models last up to 12-14 hours on average, but some high-end ones can also go beyond 24-36 hours. Hence, to make your watches last long without searching for charging points now and then, it is crucial to invest your bucks wisely.

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This is probably the best time to upgrade your watch and enjoy the ultimate convenient experience!

The massive surge in smartwatch sales has become more robust in 2021 and is bound to increase in the upcoming years. From the cliche, popular electronic brands like Apple, Samsung, Realme, and Fitbit, who started the first digital bands, face fierce competition from non-digital watch manufacturing brands like Fossil and Titan. 

All of this success is attributed to the immense versatility of smartwatches. Before you make your new smartwatch purchase in the market, it is essential to be updated with recent tech innovations. The features offered should be worthy of every penny you would pay.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and gift yourself a new smartwatch!

Happy shopping!

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